Wizards Collective: Circuit Party during Corona times in Guatemala!

From 06. to 07. February 2021 happened the electronic music festival “Wizards Collective” in El Paredon, Guatemala. A small tiny village at the Pazifik Ocean serving the backpacker szene.

Around 150 guests visited this event on a Creek in the Mangrove forest on 06.02.2021.

“Wizards Collective” is an event promoter, celebrating electronic music festivals at distinctive locations in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

The events are very popular for gay men in Guatemala. El Paredon is around 130 km away from Guatemala City and 160 km from the Atitlan Lake. Therefore many members from the LGBTIQ comunity as many others love this open minded music happenings.

All hostels have been fully booked during the weekend. Covid 19 does not stop people to dance, party and have fiun.

The festival is very tolerant! Thought Guatemala is a conservative catholic country. In the village of El Paredon, you will find, what you are looking for. Sex and drugs: Let the party happen!

You can almost buy all you need at the event. “K”, “MDMA”, Cocaine: Everything is available!

Wizards Collective has a website on Facebook:


El Paredon can be reached by shuttle from Antigua and Panajachel. Only for the festival, a shuttle was offered on Friday from San Pedro la Laguna with a return trip on Monday.

You also can use public transport, but you need to speak Spanish for that.

The beach resort has a handful number of beach cabanas. It´s becoming more and more popular with backpackers. It´s considered the most visited beach place for travellers in Guatemala. Surf is very popular.

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