Chacurrú Ecoturismo: your place to explore, including adrenalin!

Enjoy Chacurrú

Chacurrú Ecoturismo is your place: to face adrenalin pur, to swim, relax, ride horses, enjoy the two waterfalls and the wildlife inside a magnificent resort. It´s located 15 km outside of the border towns Pedro Juan Caballero in Paraguay and Ponta Porá in Brazil. If you travel just in Brazil, you do not need an entry stamp for Paraguay. The resort is within a free travel area in Paraguay.

I´m 58 years old: .. I´m doing it!

Made for you!

Chacurrù Ecoturismo is magic. David and his family will do evering for you to feel at home. This place ownes two private waterfalls! You can do ziplining and climb a rock downhill above the falls. Remember: Paraguay offers only 3 canopy tours! … and this is the best! Enjoy a pool which is bigger than every hotel pool somethere else.

Nothing but water

You can have your frog in your room. He will eat all the insects, you don´t like. You will have monkeys (Hawler) everywhere. Birdlife is just incredible.

DSC00761The zipline is the top of the crop! Yes, you have been waiting for this! Come along and enjoy. You need it! Shoot your pic´s for Facebook or Instagram! Your friends on the other side of the planet are waiting for them!

A Hawler

The food is excellent. The portions are gigantic. You love horses and dogs. They live on the property. Swimming is possible in the natural pool under the waterfall or in the pool, whatever you whish! Ready for barbeque: bring your own meat and make use of the many barbeque facilities.

I like it big!

You will sleep in dorms, but if you come here during weekdays, you may have your private room. During weekends, many families from Brazil come to enjoy this resort.

A very good friend!

Cost: accommodation is Guarani 100.000 including breakfast per night. Ziplining cost 130.000, a full and very good meal 30.000, beer 4.000. Only entry into the resort: 40.000. You don´t have to pay this, if you sleep here or do the zipline.

DSC00775How to get there: take a collectivo from the bus station to  „Crucze la Fortuna“ (KM 207 on ruta 5). From here try to hitchhike. Your first stop is likely to be „Frigonorte“. From here try to get another lift for the remaining 6 KM. The final 800 Meters just walk to the resort.

It´s so nice!

The owners will gladly give you a free ride back into town for your departure.

Day guests from Concepción

From Pedro Juan Caballero, you have frequent bus service to Asuncion or Concepción. From Ponta Porá you have daily van service early in the morning to Bonito and the Pantanal. Frequent bus service is provided to Campo Grande.

We are part of the family!

Immigration service is provided between 7 Am and 5 PM. Perhaps there is no service on Sundays. Under no circumstances cross the border at Bela Vista Norte. If you wish to do: The road „Ruta 3“ is unpaved and there is no immigration service available for Brazil. Buses leave Pedro Juan Caballero for Bela Vista Norte at 7:30 AM and at 2 PM and take at least 4 hours. They will go to the Brazilian town and the bus terminal as well. If you feel like doing this, never travel during rainy times. Furthermore, you have to visit the Brazilian immigration in Corumba at the border or in Campo Grande. The immigration in Paraguay works than they like to work.

selfguided rainforest trail

What a view!

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  1. e sagt:

    dear matthias, you´ve done it! so crazy! great! i am proud of you!!! kisses, eva and alma

    1. Liebe Eva! Ich hoffe die Kommentare landen auf meinem Blog. Das Internet funktioniert hier in Sucre, Bolivien schlecht. Ja, ich liebe die Canopy Touren! Das Beste war die 150 Meter lange Canopy Tour (ohne Photo). Am 35 Meter hohen Felsen habe ich mich nicht abgeseilt. Da hatte ich dann doch Schiss! Dir noch viel Spass mit Deiner Cousine in Calw! Ich muss mal auf der Karte schauen, wo Calw liegt. Aber aktuell beschäftige ich mich mit Bolivien, bin ja ganz weit weg. Liebe Grüße Matthias

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